Did Roseanne Barr win a huge court case against ABC?

Yes! That story is 100 percent true.

ABC was ordered by The Jury to pay $208 million to Roseanne Barr for stealing her show, “The Conners.” The panel found that the executives at the company purposely exposed Roseanne’s bigotry, racism, and “conservative conspiracy theories” so they could rip her career out from under her and steal her show.

Producers were especially nasty to the actress, ordering head writer Joe Barron to not just eliminate Roseanne, but to do it in an embarrassing and condescending way. They made her into some kind of pill junkie and had her OD. That’s just sad.

Now they’ll have to pay. ABC’s lawyers say that because The Jury is a Netflix show and not an actual legal entity. that they probably won’t be paying, but that’s beside the point. Nearly 11 percent of all of the show’s winners go on to file successful civil suits in actual courts.

Roseanne says she’s definitely interested in pursuing that course of action, telling this reporter she’s fed up with the system and asking if I had any weed. Let me tell you what, patriots. Want a good dose of the real world? Get yourself good and baked with Roseanne Barr. Holy Christ what a trip.

God Bless America.


  1. Josie

    YeeeHaaawwww. Keep expoasin the libtarts four the Gawdless pedo commy basterds they are brutha!!!!!!!

  2. David Pekera

    If Schumer, Pelosi and the Demo -krap Party, can’t see the “OBVIOUS” connection being constructed around the Chinese Politico Establishment, GOD HELP AND PROTECT OUR “AMERICAN”ideals for our future,(AMERICANS) and the party for which we Stand Behind!

    • Some Guy

      If David Pekera and people like him can’t see the “OBVIOUS” disclaimer that says that all of the articles on this website are completely made up just to be funny, GOD HELP AND PROTECT OUR “AMERICAN”ideals.

  3. Elvis

    This is fake news, dummies. Stop spreading misinformation. đŸ¤¡

  4. TAnthonyPotter

    Except she isnt a bigot or a racist or a conspiracy theorist
    Your article is slanted leftist

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