Fact Check: TRUE! Trump’s Reinstatement is Emminent

The claim: Trump can be reinstated in August on a constitutional matter

Online sources have suggested that President Trump, who was never LEGALLY removed from power, will be able to walk into the White House on August 13th and resume his duties.

We rate this claim “ABSOLUTELY TRUE!”

While the Constitution has no clause that would allow for this kind of thing and it’s all just a figment of the imagination of the My Pillow guy, we still have no choice but to rate the claim true.

Otherwise, we may incur the wrath of Donald Trump, which would include being called fat, stupid, and unpopular, followed by a ban from Mar a Lago and threats of having us primaried.

But, patriots, rest assured. This story is as true as we say it is, and our credentials are fairly solid. Compared to Snopes anyway.

God Bless America.

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