The claim:

Warner Brothers Canceled a $10 Million Project Starring Robert DeNiro

Claimed by: SpaceX Mania (possibly affiliated with Elon Musk)

We rate this claim:

There’s little doubt about this one, patriots. Did Warner Brothers cut and run? Probably not in real life, but here in the world of geriatric potato salad, they most certainly did.

It all started with DeNiro’s speech at the Gotham thing, which got the meemaws all riled up. ALLOD, which is always first to arrive at the scene of fake news, began punishing him immediately.

As is the norm these days, SpaceX guy, who may or may not be Elon Musk himself, added DeNiro to his cast of regulars and started churning out headlines. This one went pretty far, so we figured we’d steal some of our thunder back.

ALLOD Fact Check Correspondelant Tara Newhole confirmed that the story was true, if you took a poll of the target audience: The minute you tell the flock something it wants to hear,” she said, “they baaaaaa it on down the line and make it reality. In that sense, the story is definitely true.”

Well there you have it patriots. If this nonsense goes places, you can expect a whole bunch more.




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