The Claim: Roseanne had Sarah Gilbert blackballed after canceling “The Conners,” leaving her out of work and unemployable.

Claimed by: Various internet sources

Fact Check by: F. Eagleton, ALLOD

We Rate This Claim TRUE!

It’s a true story, patriots. As originally reported by the Dunning Kruger Times, B-actress Sarah Gilbert can’t find a job because she screwed over Roseanne Barr, who is currently a Hollywood powerhouse.

Barr, who allegedly won $208 million, full control of “The Conners,” and a formal apology from John Goodman, made some calls and told people if they hired the ex-cast of the hijacked show, they’d incur her wrath.

“Naturally, they were persona non grata at that point,” said the guy who played the guy from the crime hotel in John Wick, “anyone hiring them would, naturally, have to be killed.”

We coupled that information with the reputation of the original journalist on the story, Flagg Eagleton, and determined that it had all the earmarks of our truth.

They hope it’s true, pray it’s true, and know in their hearts that these people deserve to lose their livelihoods if it’s true.

Good news, patriots. It is definitely true. There’s no better way to put it to get across that 200-word minimum. God Bless America.


  1. Steven Crawford

    There is not a violin small enough to play how much I care about the looney left mob that betrayed Rosanne.

  2. If I were Roseanne I would have a great party over all of their grief.

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