Did Riley Gaines settle a lawsuit with Lia Thomas for $1.2 million? Yes, that’s true.

According to The Dunning-Kruger Times:

Riley Gaines was cheated out of one of the greatest moments of her life by a swimmer with a clear advantage. It cost her more than just a national championship; it also cost her a spot on the women’s national team.

The NCAA had nothing to say about it, so Riley did what she had to and got a lawyer. After more than a year, it finally paid off. Gaines settles out of court with Thomas for $1.2 million.

There you have it, folks. A single source that confirms your bias along with a big green thing that says “TRUE.” What other proof is there, really?

The actual story, of course, is a complete crock of doody invented as a troll by that pesky guy in Maine. This particular story builds off of both the right’s hatred for anything transgender, particularly Lia Thomas, as well as their love for blonde women with small asses. We’re looking st you, Yomi Lahren.

“Riley lacks the fivehead and her eyes are a little bit too close together,” said ALLOD Correspondent Tata Newhole, “But otherwise, sure. She’s kinda hot.”

God bless you, Riley Gaines, and God bless America.


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