The Claim:

Denzel Washington Turned Down a $50 Million Project with Disney: “I Won’t Go Woke”

Claimed by: SpaceX Mania

We rate this claim:

Did Denzel Washington turn down a $50 million project with Disney because he “won’t go woke?” Definitely not in the actual land of the living. In Taterville, however, not only did it happen, but it happened to the tune of thousands of shares. That right there makes it as true as it will ever need to be.

So let’s just leave the reality stuff behind and focus on what’s really going on here. This one started with an old Denzel meme that got a bunch of shares at ALLOD, turned into a story, and several years later, became a thing that works with the current climate of wokeness.

Add to that a dash of hatred for Disney and what do you get? An extremely clickable headline, that’s what. We have to hand it to that guy. Whether he’s coming up with the little spins himself or using AI to do it for him, he’s the Raw Story of reblogging bullshit.

As for Denzel, he’ll continue to be a useful member of our regular cast of characters. Taters love a good black guy stare. That and an emotional Michael Jordan get them every time.

Anyway, this one is definitely now true in the land of delusional Trumpsters, which makes them…slightly more delusional. God Bless America.


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