The Claim: Blake Shelton dropped out of a $30 Million project with Country Music Television (CMT) in support of his friend Jason Aldean.

Claimed by: Internet reports

We rate this claim: TRUE!

This story wasn’t easy to corroborate, patriots, but we managed to pull it off. Blake Shelton, who rarely discusses his business dealings, confirmed through a proxy to ALLOD Correspondent Cynthias Luhu that he is, in fact, backing out of the project.

“I wasn’t aware I was in one,” Shelton told Luhu, “As soon as I read about it in the Dunning Kruger Times I called my agent and told him to look into it and pull out.” His agent, Joe Barron, says he nixed the deal just in time.

“Blake was about to be involved in a show invented by an internet troll, which is never a good idea. We probably wouldn’t have known what it was even about until it was too late. Luckily, CMT is canceled so pulling out seems like the right thing to do.”

Tommy Chong, whose gummy ads are currently all over Twitter, admitted that the whole thing was a bit confusing. “Who the hell is Jason Aldean?” Chong asked. Nobody seemed to be able to give him a straight answer. God bless America.


  1. pedro fernandez

    This may break up his relationship with the woke Gwen

    • Ya Know

      I hope so. I want a shot at that!

      Flagg Eagleton is a Patriot.

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