ABC’s “The View” has been in a steady decline for years. After the departure of Barbra Walters, followed closely by the highly respected Elizabeth Hasselbeck, the show started slipping in the ratings. This week, it hit a new low, breaking the all-time record for lowest television ratings in the 10 AM to 2 PM time slot.

“It’s pretty embarrassing for the hosts,” said Executive Producer Joe Barron, “They believe their show is popular and that it deserves every award imaginable. They can’t see the reality of their situation through the blinders they wear.”

It’s gotten so bad that even the awards shows are taking a break. The Daytime Emmys won’t accept any nominations this year after Whoopi’s views on the Israel-Hamas war. Sunny said thinks about Ukraine that nobody can forget. And Joy, in possibly the worst faux pas on TV last year, compared playing football to joining the Klan.

“None of that sat well with their fans,” said Barron, “and they’re seeing the end results now.”

ALLOD Entertainment Reportalator Tara Newhole spent some time looking into the issue and found that most of the hype around the show’s demise is exaggerated. “Yeah it’s all pretty much a crock of doody that you made up, Flagg,” she said, “The View is and has been the number-one show on daytime television for…ever. It has a loyal and reliable viewership and covers a wide variety of topics, not all of which are controversial or political.”

Newhole seems to have her reality confused with online reality. In online reality, The View is in shambles, Whoopi gets fired monthly, and somebody is always suing them. It’s far more rewarding than bothering to follow what’s actually happening, especially when they win yet another award.

EGOT or not, Whoopi is horrible because she has opposing views from those of our cult. She should be deported. God Bless America.



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