Liberals are circulating a filthy lie that our president doesn’t know his geography. They’re basing that on a tweet about the Super Bowl that they claim makes him look like an uneducated buffoon with little to no concept of reality. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

We rate this claim to be false.

President Trump clearly stated in his Tweet that the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl and that they are a great testament to the state of Kansas, which they are. They are also a great testament to Illinois, North Dakota, and Wyoming. As far as the geography itself, does anyone really know where Kansas City is?

It’s on the border between Kansas and Missouri and doesn’t actually have a state. Sure, the address of the stadium says “Missouri,” but that’s just so they can get their mail and so Amazon doesn’t lose their packages. In reality, Kansas City is a separate entity unto itself and doesn’t belong to either state.

Liberals are always trying to make the President look dumb. Like when they claimed he doesn’t know where Colorado is or that windmills don’t cause cancer. If President Trump says Colorado is on the southern border, that’s where it is. If he says windmills kill eagles and cause cancer, that’s because they do.

When will they learn that there is nobody in America who knows more about stuff than Donald J Trump? He tells us all the time that nobody knows more than he does. What other proof do they need? Just look at the stock market. The stock market is doing great. He’s also doing more for black people than Obama did and the stock market is doing great.

Time to drop your little political games, Democrats. Trump is a stable genius. Period. End of discussion. Stop putting out your fake news.


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