The Claim : A story that went viral on internet social media pages and was discussed during an hour long segment of the Sean Hannity program in December of 2016 during Donald Trump’s initial run for the presidency inferred that the millionaire was introduced to his future wife Melania Skatavovia through being shown her first photography shoots for a section of the pornographic magazine “Hustler”, entitled : “Turnip Farmer Charmers.”   The story goes on to contend that Trump contacted the magazine’s publishers and arranged to have the amateur model packed into a shipping container and transported to his New York address via a fishing trawler.  Freedom Fictions has back-checked this claim, and found it to be:

The story of the pornographic photo shoot originated from the Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign, specifically from the staff page run by Clinton media specialist Joe Barron.  Barron admitted to inventing the tall tale after seeing a photo of “Broken Arrow” star John Travolta with lipstick on, and remarking that he looked like someone : “That douchebag Trump would pay to have sex with.”

Melania Trump’s rise to fame and fortune was markedly different from the fiction that Clinton’s campaign used as political fodder.  For one thing, the model from Slovenia formerly worked on a rutabega farm as an erotic hand-masseuse, not a turnip producing one.  While the Hustler spread and feature scratch-and-sniff pull-out page was her first outing into semi-professional photography, it was not published in the United States or Canadian versions of the periodical.

The German publication “Das Ferd Schwanz” also reprinted the shoot after an article about gay David Hasslehoff impersonators.

Mrs. Trump’s break in North America came from a brief cameo appearance as a fully-nude extra in the motion picture “Cobra”, starring Sylvester Stallone, during an orgy scene after a shootout in a supermarket.  However, due to producers editing to receive an R rating, the entire portion was cut from the final version of the film.

Although the farcical story received millions of shares and views, it remains nothing more than a politically-motivated inaccuracy.  Freedom Fictions remains vigilant in setting the story straight fictionally.   Please enjoy your meal.


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