The Claim : after a wave of anti-confederate sentiment across the United States, several top Generals and leaders of military intelligence services are re-maming the Fort Bragg military base after President Obama.  Freedom Fictions has researched this story haphazardly, and determined that it is :

Written by award winning journalisticator and male sex symbol Fallis Gunnington for the organization Obamawatchers, the tale of renaming the base after President Obama is true in the sense that Trump being some kind of Christian is true.  Because so many trumptards believe it despite all evidence to the contrary.

4 out of 5 trumptards believe Hillary Clinton made them diabetic and swarthy.

Look, Trump supporters are certainly NOT known for their overwhelming intelligence or critical thinking skills.  I mean, there are people who still, to this day, stand behind an obviously mentally ill mess of a human/pumpkin hybrid who considers drinking a glass of water one-handed a victory.  We find people like that with their pants down in a Danny’s bathroom at 3 in the morning.  Trump is basically to the Presidency what Grimace is to McDonaldland – fat, stupid, and plowing anything with pieces of animal’s dicks in it into his mouth.

Technically speaking, Obama is not replacing Braxton Bragg’s name on any fort.  Which is a shame because Bragg, even for a confederate douchebag, was more incompetent than whatever plastic surgeon told Melania she wouldn’t look like a fish when he was done.  He lost nearly every battle.  His men hated him.  Personally, I heard he used to put General Lee’s hand into a glass of warm water when he went to sleep so he’d piss his traitorous underpants.  Does that actually work?  I don’t know.  What do I look like, a fact-checker?

I’m actually Lindsey Graham’s paper towel distributor.

Please donate to Snopes.  They especially love pennies.



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