The CLAIM : The Murderer of Kenosha, Kyle Rittenhouse, is accused of killing Joseph Rosenbaum, a registered sex-offender, whose past included charges and incarceration stemming from arrests throughout his lifetime.  This claim has been made in order to completely excuse the crime of murder and elicit sympathy for the boy from old conservative dicksmacks.

Freedom Fictions has a staff of on-the-ball journalists and investigators to vet such accusations, and has, in this case, overwhelmingly found the “evidence” :

For one thing, Rittenhouse didn’t know the victim from Adam when they met on that fateful night, no matter the absolute line of garbage that the defense attorneys have laid down.  He had exactly zero knowledge of the man’s background, and didn’t head out to: “help the police catch bad guys.”

Besides the fact that the police had already caught this bad guy, he had also been through the court system and had paid in time for his crimes.

None of this mentions the second or third victims of Rittenhouse, either of which should be enough to put the kid into gen-pop.  But was Rosenbaum a “child molester”, as it turns out?  Maybe.  Does it make any difference whatsoever?  None.

If Kyle’s mom dropped him off in the middle of middle of Mexico City and gave him a nice big juicy gun, and he shot 6 people, 30% of whom were in a cartel, he wouldn’t be a “cartel-busting super shooter.”  He’d be just another politically-motivated conservative dipshiy who just couldn’t wait to kill someone.

In addition, the sweet baby-faced maniac who should have been beaten with a Common Sense stick years ago contends that he “was cornered” and that the shooting was a “last choice” for self-defense.  I suppose instead of running, hitting someone WITH the gun, or, worse comes to worse, taking a light beating in order to be the bigger man and avoid taking a life.

But this is America, so he’ll get off.  Sad.


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