The Claim: Nancy Pelosi moved $2.4 billion from social security funding to cover the cost of Donald Trump’s impeachment proceedings.  The report was made in an article published on the America’s Last Line of Defense satire network and was clearly labeled as such.  Despite that fact and the dubiously named author “Fallis Gunnington”, (“Phallus” is a synonym for “penis”), the article has been shared by nearly one million pea-brained trumpchumps clamoring about losing their social security.  We researched and rate this claim as :

Pelosi in no way would be able to pull off such a ridiculous stunt, even if she wanted to, and 2.4 billion dollars was randomly invented to sound large.  Although it would be worth it to see that cartoon embarrassment of a President gone.

At any rate, we at Freedom Fictions rate this tale true because we are also part of the America’s Last Line of Defense network, and honestly, if this is in the article, and you still can’t tell it’s satire, you need a kick in the balls :

More reporting on this story below:


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