The Claim : During his time in office as President of the United States from 2016 to 2020, Donald Trump chose to forgo the annual stipend of $400,000 per year, and instead donated the money to a widely reported variety of charitable causes.

Trump’s rabid cult of uneducated failures of evolution completely believed this tale, posting references to it on hundreds of social media sites and pages as if it were an indication that the bulbous elderly human oatmeal tanker was in some way divine.  The story’s roots likely stem from the early days of Fox News when their staff of square-headed pundits still made money from licking the disgraced leader’s tiny balls.

After careful due diligence and, as the morons humping themselves to cardboard figurines of the host of The Apprentice say, “homework”, Freedom Fictions has determined that this story, like 99% of every statement out of Trump’s herpes-sored mouth is :

Although the presumption that : “Durrrr Trump don’t take no paycheck ‘acause he rich and working fer us peoples!” has become engrained in every head as otherwise empty as Lindsey Graham’s straight porn closet, there exists absolutely no evidence, written, digital, or otherwise, that Trump took no pay or donated to any charity personally during his nightmarish time in office.

“My husband only make donation to making vagina sad enough to cry like watch Titanic movie.”

Presidential historian Sandy Batt says “evidence” and “reality” don’t make any difference to Trump’s supporters anyway.

“These are the people who think Obama came from Kenya with a fake birth certificate made in the 50s that fooled every U.S. intelligence agency and Harvard Law.

These are the halfwits that fall for “Q drops” and “Tide pod knockout game” nonsense on Fox and Newsmax.  Let’s not get started on the “stolen election” dipshittery.  They’ll believe that Captain Bankruptcy turned down money anyway.  They’re terminally stupid.”

While it’s laudable that Trump jealously tried to emulate the salary denial that real Presidents like Kennedy actually did, it smells like yet another falsehood invented to try to make the Donald look less like the traitorous douchebag he is.


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