Former President Barack Hussein Obama did an end-around Congress to bribe Iran with $150 billion in cash to get them to sign the horribly one-sided Iran Nuclear Deal in 2016.  It was recently reported on this same network by this same reporter that Obama received a kickback of 5 percent from Iran to move this cash.

After a long conversation with myself over whether this was something that I just made up to snare the taters or if it actually did happen and midgets did fly a mini-jet loaded with cash to Obama, who was at the Nixon Presidential Library for some reason, I have decided that the article and the facts that I made up after I drank a couple of Manhattans are:

True rubber stamp

Joe Barron tried to get through to me.  As you can see below, he came around to my way of thinking.

“Honestly Pete, you’re just mailing this one in.  It’s like you’re not putting any effort into this article and you think that just typing out a bunch of words is going to convince people of things one way or the other.  You really think people are gonna believe that Obama scored $7.5 billion from Iran?

I mean, I totally get that the taters actually believe that Joe Biden is going to hire Taylor Swift and the Dixie Chicks to write a new National Anthem so it probably doesn’t matter what you say but you can’t just go around making stuff up.

Eventually they’re going to catch on to what you’re doing and then it’s game over man.  Ah, who am I kidding?  You could write an article in German with a headline that triggers them and they’ll still rage comment.  Pass me one of those Manhattans, will ya?”

The real question here is this: Since Obama has over $7 billion in cash, do you think he’ll pass a couple million on to me so that I don’t have to keep exposing him for the traitorous fraud that he is?  Come on man, help a struggling reporter out!


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