The claim : Bernie Sanders, a professed Democratic Socialist is at heart, a Communist because Socialism and Communism are the same thing.  This statement has been made thousands of times across the internet, and specifically on social media sites like Facebook by hordes of elderly conservatives who suddenly became experts on governmental systems about 8 weeks ago when magic lightning struck them and gave them college-level courses in civics.  Because not a single one of them knows what he or she is talking about in any way at, we at Freedom Fictions have falsely rated this claim, for fun, to be :

Communism, by definition, is a system of governance wherein the ownership of private property is not allowed by the state.  Just to make a point alone, all the trumptards pissing on and on about Sanders “owning three houses” alone puts an end to the idiot myth that he’s a member of the party of Stalin, or a believer in it’s principles.  Socialism, in contrast, is a system wherein the means of production should be owned or regulated by the community.  Key word, REGULATED.

A Democratic socialist, therefore, would be someone who believes that what is done, provided, or regulated FOR that community should be voted upon by it’s civilians, aka, “We the people.”  The United States, as a “melting pot,” not only allows different immigrants to apply and “melt” into the community, but also adds to the pot some concepts to add into it’s system of capitalism.  Some of those concepts are from socialism, like military health care, police and fire response, and what the Constitution calls : “The Public Commons”, or streets, sidewalks, parks, and libraries.

Also, unless you’re paying a fee to listen to your AM radio, you are socialistically listening to this guy’s bullshit.

Despite this, the drool-dripping Fox News dimwit brigade will easily swallow every scare-tactic fed to them, and throw words around like “marxism” and “republic” despite not even being able to spell them.  Perhaps the next time one of them says “socialism” and “communism” are the same, we could buy them a plane ticket to Moscow so they can tell Putin that he should be embracing Chechnya.


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