A long-running conservative tale revolves around a Benghazi investigation, during which, Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State was asked a series of questions about what went wrong during the attack.  The theoretical charge is that Clinton fired back with a response of : “What difference does it make?”  After researching this claim, Freedom Fictions checkers have determined this to be untrue.

After the Beghazi attack, conspiracy theories abounded, shoveled out by conservative pundits gleefully enabled by Fox News, a leading source of frightening old people and convincing them that there’s a war on Christmas and kids running around playing a “knock out game.”   Since these are completely made-up nonsense stories on a network devoid of actual journalism, we can conclude that Fox’s coverage of the “what difference” statement is similarly false.

Freedom Fictions contacted several sources in the Fox News network to confirm or deny their claims and we were continuously re-directed to a telephone recording of Bill O’Reilley pleasuring himself with a loofah sponge.  However, we stand by our initial decision, whether Snopes debunks it or not.  Please send them some money.  They need to buy a dictionary so they can look up “satire” and “unbiased.”


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