A widely circulated criticism of President Barack Obama is that in the run-up to the roll out of the Affordable Care Act, he told Americans that : “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”

Freedom Fictions has investigated this claim, and found that it is :


In 2009, President Obama gave a series of speeches to explain the tenets of his signature healthcare Affordable Care Act, which resulted in more Americans than ever having health insurance.  Some even used their newfound benefits to, unfortunately, remain alive to vote for the bag of dipshittery that is Donald Trump.

One such person was pipe-fitter Hugh Jassho of Baggersville, Pa, who asked the President if the plan would cover his own doctor, a veterinarian from Pittsburgh who made side money doing penis-enlargement surgeries on micro-weened conservative genital mutants.  In a joking manner, Mr. Obama told the audience : “If Hugh likes his ‘doctor’…Hugh can keep his ‘doctor’.”

This is another case of a misinterpreted turn of phrase, such as President Trump confessing that he would bang his own daughter and enjoys wantonly grabbing women by the crotch.

Stay tuned to Freedom Fictions for better fact checking than some other morons who can’t understand what satire is and beg for your money to pay for protein shakes.


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