Yesterday a story on the internet blazed across the skies about a raid the William Barr ordered on the Obama Chicago compound. After doing some digging to find out the truth, the answer is…

It’s True!

Our Midwest field office wanted answers, and answers we got. It almost seemed unfathomable that something this big could not only come out of thin air, but also disappear there as well.

Alex Lifeson, a reporter with CBA News, put the kibosh on his own story, after witnessing the raid with the Obama neighbors.

Why would he do that? Simple. Cold hard cash. Mr. Lifeson has sold his integrity out to the Soros propaganda machine. In other words, he was paid a handsome fee to not report on what he saw.

Neighbors in the ritzy upscale neighborhood, however, cannot be bought. They are conservative and sick and tired of the Obama lies, the all-night parties and seeing Michelle sunbathe nude outdoors.

“How these people became the First Family is totally beyond me,” said neighbor Sandy Batt, who was outside with a scotch. “What goes on at that house is insanity” she said with a snarl.

Peering into tax records that the Obamas tried to hide, the proof was all in the pudding.  The Obamas never released their taxes throughout his presidency, and now we know why.

The records are all there. The Illinois FBI field office reluctantly said yes, there was an “action” at the address, and Chicago PD’s log shows activity at the residence as well. The Obama family was not there at the time, Mr. Obama was at a golf course, Mrs. Obama was at Harvard Law School making a donation so Malia wouldn’t be expelled again and Sasha was at an ANTIFA rally in Portland Oregon.

More information as it becomes available.


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