The Claim : As news broke of Senator Kamala Harris being chosen as a running mate for Democratic candidate Joe Biden in the 2002 election, word began to spread among racist Trump supporting halfwits that she was not a legal citizen.

Knowing absolutely nothing about how either the constitution or citizenship works, they contend that since neither of her parents were born within the United States, she is “illegal”, Freedom Fictions used that same logic and applied it to first lady Melania Trump.

Using their own ridiculously stupid trumptard theories as a guide, we therefore determined that Melania Trump’s status of not being a valid or legal citizen of the country is :

In actual reality, a place that the handicapped followers of Donald Trump fail to be resident’s of, Kamala Harris herself was born in the United States, automatically making her a full-fledged citizen, regardless of where her parents came from.

Melania Trump, on the other hand, boasts exactly zero blood relatives, including herself, born in America.  Not counting her anchor baby, Barron.

In the pursuance of our research, we determined that the only real reason the piglet-like throwbacks known as “Trumpers” would put forth such a theory is because Harris is of a brown skin tone, and racism is, at this point, pretty much a requirement for supporting the morbidly obese impeached President.

It comes after the so-called “birther” movement of disgusting old swastika lickers tried a similar trick with former President Barack Obama and then tried to pretend HE was racist.  These morons are basically examples of what happens when swamp people conceive children in a pile of crawdaddy meat.

Shown here, Alabama housewife Karen Flemglob begins her two hundred day trek to the voting booth to vote red.

Should, again, according to trumptard’s own half-assed shitbrained theories, Melania Trump be investigated by immigration authorities and deported back to Eastern Skankistan or wherever she had that beet farm?

Let’s hope old Donald still has his receipt for her shipping crate.


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