The claim : In February of 2023, a certain internet webpage claimed that MSNBC’S Rachel Maddow would be joining the cast of ABC’S daytime talk program The View, with fellow liberal yakbots Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar.  The internet page is well known for obvious satire, misdirection, and tomfoolery.

We at Fteedom Fictions have used all of our resources and investigative prowess to determine that this claim right here, is undeniably, completely, and ridiculously :

As early as June of 2022, we have been fact-checking any story on the page that does more than about a thousand shares.  See, a thousand means there’s money potential, and a fact check, we’ve found, for some idiotic reason, doubles that.

As usual, the story from America’s Last Line of Defense, a satirical webpage, was, as one might think, clearly labelled satire.  That means it wasn’t strictly true true, but is true in the alternate universe that conservatives live in where Trump is a brave America- loving warrior and Lindsey Graham isn’t gay.

              HELLO, FRISCO!

Joe Barron, a construction paper engineer from Cousinporker, Florida, even makes an interesting point.

“How and why would the star of MSNBC’S pet show suddenly move to rival network ABC for a crappy group discussion fest?  It doesn’t make sense.  Next you’re gonna tell me Harrison Ford is going to be on television on some really shitty show despite being Indiana Jones in the movies.”

“Shrinking” starring Ford is available on Apple TV where about 35 people can watch it.


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