As originally reported in a recent article, Clinton Foundation investigators Kenneth McCormick and his colleague Mr. Hankey were found dead under suspicious circumstances in South Park, Colorado, purportedly while closing in on the foundation’s ties to the Uranium One scandal in which it was allegedly paid $145 million dollars in bribes.

As President Trump and others have claimed on numerous occasions, this conspiracy was the true Russia Scandal, rather than the hoax perpetrated by Democrats that the Russians somehow interfered in the election to help the president win.

Since the original report, several items of interest have come up in the investigation that appear to confirm the ties. Specifically, the following has been established according to court filings by Joe Barron, Special Agent in Charge of South Park’s FBI field division:

  • Agents McCormick and Hankey had been assigned by Attorney General Barr himself to investigate the Clinton Foundation’s ties to Uranium One.
  • Acting South Park Chief of Police Barbrady said that surveillance video clearly showed Agent Hankey handing a folder marked “Uranium One” to Agent McCormick shortly before they were both murdered and a marked Clinton Foundation SUV fled the scene. That folder has never been recovered.
  • Investigators were able to trace the $145 million paid to the Clinton Foundation to Russian Oligarch Yakov Naumovich Pokhis’s personal bank account.
  • Probable cause affidavits in the case show that of the $145 million, at least $90 million were transferred directly to Hillary Clinton’s bank account and never declared on her 2010 tax return, which is when the bribe was allegedly paid.
  • Hillary Clinton was in South Park at the time attending a pizza-themed Halloween costume party at the W hotel, hosted by local celebrity Abbadon.

Based on this new information we cannot dispute the original claim and therefore label this story as:


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