THE CLAIM : Social media and independent research organizations have been abuzz of a rumor floated by former Trump lawyer and spokesperson for activist group Women Without Facial Features Sidney Powell last week, when she laid out a shocking legal argument proposing that Donald Trump can be “re-installed” as President of the United States.

After doing absolutely no research whatsoever on the subject, in accordance with the knowledge that Sidney Powell is a legal expert in the same way that Andre the Giant was an Olympic gymnast, Freedom Fictions has found this claim to be :

At least, it’s true in the mind of Sidney Powell.  As a completely unaccomplished lawyer who suddenly appeared out of nowhere, coincidentally on the same day when the local sewer system had been flushed of homeless residents, Powell made the “re-installed” determination based solely on methamphetamine, mistaking a Chic-tract pamphlet for the United States constitution, and possibly, absorbing toxic lead paint through her vagina.

While true that American presidents are not, and never have been, “Installed”, Powell was speaking before a collection of Q-anon conspiracy nutjobbers, which is the core audience for her and others, including pillionaire Mike Lindell and disgraced military general Micheal Flynn.  This audience is easily duped to believe anything, and can be conned into paying the rent of such babbling porkers and the aforementioned crew.

Powell also sold portraits of the late broadcaster Rush Limbaugh, assuring the audience they were painted with brushes made from Christ’s pubic hairs.

The legal lunatic went into very brief detail during her interview, and left specifics murky, in order to keep her followers in suspense, and also because she was troublingly attempting to digest a tampon she had accidentally eaten in her hotel room, mistaking it for a white hot dog.

Further confirming this theory is the head of the Center for Imaginary Trumptard Wet Dreams, Sandy Batt, who wrote a 12-page dissertation outlining why Powell and all of the Q-anon collection of worthless dipshits should be loaded into the Oscar Meyer weiner truck and shot off into deep space.*

The Oscar Meyer Weiner company was not consulted or paid for this article.


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