President Donald Trump has once again beaten the crying liberals when his Attorney General dropped all charges against Michael Flynn.  Despite a guilty plea, Mr. Flynn has had all charges dropped against him, leaving him fully exonerated.

President Trump referred to alleged surveillance efforts as Obamagate. Here at America’s Last Line of Defense’s Fact-Checking Division, we have standards, so we’re not going to investigate something so obviously made up that not even we can satirize it.

That said, this is a fact check so we need to ask the question: Is Obamagate a real thing?  We asked Sandy Batt, who was the lead architect of the Obamas’ new home this very question and, much to our surprise,

she said yes

“It’s a state of the art house.  The surveillance technology we have installed there is unbelievable.  President Obama can literally spy on anyone at anytime, whether there are cameras there or not.  There’s also a full size basketball court, several bedrooms and bathrooms, and an amazing kitchen where they can cook potatoes in all kinds of different ways.

Security was a key concern as well so we made sure that all of the doors lock and that the CIWS system is fully operational.  Can’t have enough firepower.  The best part of the security system is the entry gate.

They say it was custom built from a bigger gate.  It is completely energy independent since it is powered by conservatives’ racism and blind hatred of facts and science.  The Obamagate was thought to be a thing of legend, but no, it is very real.  Very real.”

It’s no shock that Obama, who is anti-gun and open borders would be such a hypocrite in protecting himself but not caring about the American people.  Remember in this upcoming election to vote straight Republican so we can protect all Americans who somehow survive to November from those who would take our freedom away!

So, we rate Obamagate:


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