A reputable Facebook page published a meme recently that claimed Hillary Clinton was under investigation for as many as 7 murders in 2019. But is the meme for re4al or part of some satirical trolling by liberals? It seems that these days, it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference.

We looked into the claim and found that while there is no evidence to back it, there isn’t any evidence that says it absolutely can’t be true. We came to this conclusion after realizing that there may be investigations going on in states or countries that we are unaware of. It would be impossible to rate the claim false unless we knew the details of every investigation happening everywhere.

Therefore, we rate this claim true.

While some people may disagree with our conclusions, that’s okay. This is a meme on the internet, and as we all know, they typically turn out to be true. Even when they’re not true, they often include information that many people hope or wish was true, and even more people tend to pray that it’s true.

It’s in that spirit of not blurring the lines between factual facts and fictional facts that we have to hold fast and disagree with the fact-checkers that are nothing more than liberal propaganda mills, pretending everything you can’t “verify” is false. They do a disservice to America.

Should new evidence come to light from every single investigation in progress everywhere that none of them are about Hillary Clinton committing seven murders, we may adjust our rating to mostly-true, but that’s very unlikely.



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