Liberals are going crazy over a statement made by President Trump during a pandemic press briefing. Trump said that he and he alone is in charge of the country under these circumstances and that he and he alone decides when the country will open. “When you’re the President, your power is great.” Within minutes, their heads began exploding.

They tried all kinds of tricky wordplay tactics and even pointed to our constitution, which they apparently have never read. We checked the President’s statement and concluded that yes, he is right. The President is in charge.

In order to understand why, one only needs to look at the facts. President Trump was elected by a sweeping majority, which means he qualifies for the Populous Mandate Clause, which allows him to do more than a president who was elected by a thin margin, like Obama or Clinton.

Under the clause, found in Article II Section 17 Sub-section 41 listed in the Supreme Court amended partitions pamphlet, a populous mandate president can institute and revoke martial law, take control of states deemed a danger to themselves, and suspend the 10th Amendment in times of national emergency.

The same pamphlet also lists amended provisions under the 10th Amendment for this particular situation, giving the president “ultimate executive authority in place of state governments” during a national health crisis.

Both of those things were invoked by Franklin Roosevelt during the Spanish Flu crisis, but nobody wants to talk about that.

In essence, liberals, you lose. President Trump is not only right, but he’s also within his rights and duties under the US Constitution to lock you all away for your own safety if you don’t fall in line. You’re lucky he’s not doing that.

Maybe before you go quoting from the constitution, you should take the time to read the Supreme Court’s rulings over the years and how they affect what the document says. If you don’t like it, you’re welcome to use your 1st Amendment right to speak your mind, as long as it doesn’t stray from the message of public health and safety. Yeah, that’s in there, too.

Just wait until he extends his term and suspends the election by six months. Then they’ll really flip out. And there won’t be a damned thing they can do about it.


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