Sorry, liberals. You may want to believe that President Trump is a big fakey-fake liar, but he’s the real deal. While the fake news at CNN and the Washington Post and ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, and most other lamestream media want you to believe the Taliban couldn’t possibly have been on their way to Maryland, they definitely, most certainly, absolutely probably were.

According to our sources inside Camp David, the Taliban was definitely coming. Camp David’s Chief Counselor, Art Tubolls, says the entire place was being transformed to make them more comfortable:

“President Trump was very concerned about their safety and well-being. He had us remove all the women on staff and replace all the bacon with turkey sausage. He said we needed to bend to their customs and make them feel welcome if we were going to negotiate with them.

We changed the linens to Egyptian Cotton, fired the women, and turned Ladybird Johnson’s Chapel into a Musselmanic Temple.  Then we get the call. They set off a bomb, deal is off. Trump had them killed on the flight home.”

We rate the fake news lamestream media a bunch of liars. The Taliban obviously was on their way to Camp David the week of September 11th, and the President of the United States was the man bringing them, just like he said.



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