There has been a lot of talk about whether or not the President has the authority to adjourn both chambers of Congress. Some say he can and some say he can’t. The truth is simple. Yes, the President can adjourn both chambers of Congress whenever he sees fit, for whatever reason he desires.

It’s right there in Article III Section 14 sub-section 22:

“The President of the United States can shut down the House and Senate whenever he deems it necessary to conduct the business of the Executive branch. Should the people’s representatives and the state senators become unworthy of their post, the President will assume complete control and shutter the halls of Congress. They will re-open at a time of his choosing. During the shutdown, all laws and directives of the United States will be issued from his office with approval from a majority of the Supreme Court.”

There you have it. The Supreme Court will back up the President if things go south in Congress and we will still have a republic. The clause has never been used before, because we’ve never had a man so worthy of taking over the government as we do now.

Once Congress is closed, the state governors will have no representation in the Senate and their powers become useless. Trump will be in charge completely to dictate the rules of the pandemic.

That sounds pretty good to most Patriots. We’re tired of these “representatives” not listening to the people. Democrats vote against America and Republicans who don’t agree with Trump vote against him. It’s time to put our democracy to good use and finally just give Trump the power he deserves.


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