Barack Hussein Obama spent his 8 years in office doing everything he could think of to destroy the United States of America.  As was fact-checked on this very same network, he left our troops without ammunition to defend ourselves against foreign enemies.

When we heard that he also left us completely unprepared for the latest pandemic, our crack team sprung into action.  Surely there was no way that the former President would sell out the safety of the American people, right?  Wrong.  After watching Alex Jones on YouTube for hours on end and binging on hamberders and covfefe, we had no choice but to rate this claim:


Things that cause pandemics have been around for years.  The warning signs were all there and were completely ignored.  Bacteria, viruses, midi-chlorians, and the Cowsills have been causing chaos since the dawn of time so one would think that we would know exactly what to do and have the tools ready to do it.  But did Obama change the station when the Cowsills came on?   Did he have antibiotics ready for a virus outbreak?  Does anyone even know what a midi-chlorian is?  No, no, and no!

Lucky for all of us, even though Obama was an evil President, he is not a genius like Donald Trump is.  It was only by sheer luck and incompetence that Obama didn’t destroy the country.  Thanks to President Trump, we now have all the ventilators, test kits, and PPE that we will ever need, no matter what comes our way.

Sleepy Joe Biden doesn’t even know what’s going on but lucky for us, this administration has been on top of things since even before Day 1.  Let’s do the best we can for America and keep things the way that they are.  Make sure that you do everything you can to keep Donald Trump in office, even if it kills us all.


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