The NBA’s season recently and abruptly stopped.  Initially, it was believed to be due to the pandemic, but it was reported that this was something long in the works that was organized by Washington Generals’ All-Star power forward Art Tubolls.

John Mabelson, a long-suffering Seattle Supersonics fan, wrote to the America’s Last Line of Defense Network with both a long-distance dedication to Betty in Appleville, MI, and a request for a fact check on this article.

Well, John, we have it on good authority that Betty has been waiting for this very thing to happen and will be most impressed and that the NBA did tell Trump to resign or they will never play again, thus giving it the unprecedented rating of:

No stone was unturned during this fact-finding mission, which has something to do with why league commission Joe Barron chased our investigators off of his lawn.  Before leaving, and after being told that ‘leaving no stone unturned’ is a figure of speech and that people don’t actually go around turning over rocks while looking for facts, the commission spoke with us.

Commissioner Barron said,

“Every since the Golden State Warriors refused to show up to the White House, the so-called President has had it out for us.  When you consider that basketball is secondary and the ‘President’ has also attacked minorities, Hollywood, and the music industry, which out players are all strongly invested in, it made sense to fight back.  Sure it is hurting us all to not play but it’s worth it if we can get Trump out of the White House.  Now put those rocks back or I’m calling the cops!”

First, it was the NFL kneelers, now we have it confirmed that the NBA won’t honor our great President.  One has to wonder what kind of temper tantrum these millionaires athletes will throw next.


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