Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts has a problem. A big problem.  Patriotic Americans questioned why he wouldn’t take any of Trump’s election cases, and now the reality of why is coming very clear.

John Roberts has a relationship with Giselle Maxwell and was a Jeffrey Epstein associate. The evidence is damning.

Former President George W Bush installed Roberts on the Supreme Court in 2005 after the death of Chief Justice Rehnquist. He quickly became a conservative stalwart until president Donald J Trump took office in 2017, almost overnight changing into what looks like a deep state operative.

Why would he refuse to help our president? Giselle Maxwell, long time girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein.  The pictures are being released, and it’s obvious that there is more against him.

No, this isn’t him either.

Maxwell and Epstein were associates of the Clintons, who helped the Clintons raise money for their “charities” and elections. Barack Obama was also part of the Maxwell/Epstein cabal, and there are also ties to George Soros as well.

Soros is the money man for all things liberal, and that includes the “conservative wing” of the Supreme Court, who’ve refused to hear Trump’s cases.  The deep state keeps getting deeper, folks.

Money, power, and other insidious words and things that are all attributed to Trump will make you believe that John Roberts really has something to do with Maxwell because some conspiracy nut found some pictures of a random guy who looks like John Roberts if you look at him with your eyes closed.

Yes! That’s it!  It couldn’t be that Trump is really that bad, it must be some deep state cabal in the Supreme Court that is preventing Trump’s ascension to the supreme leader.

Asking Joe Barron, he understands that you’ll believe it’s real too, so he says, “I knowed it!!!! He’s part of the derp state and a never trumper!” 

This is totally true. Everyone is lying to you, except of course for Donald Trump. Because he’s just like Jesus, only oranger. God Bless America!


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