A story has been spreading through social media claiming that California has decided that taking care of their “refugees” is a problem for its people to deal with. Under Executive Order 98I712, Governor Gavin Newsome has declared that “any home with 100 square feet to spare and a household income over $30K will be obligated to take in a refugee.”

After examining the facts and determining that the headline will be good for tater outrage, we rate this story as true.

The order, which is enforceable under California law, makes the cost of the refugee’s room and board a part of the resident’s tax burden for the year. In California, people are expected to pay a full 51 percent of their income in taxes of one kind or another. While most opt to pay luxury taxes on swimming pools and 3rd-vehicles, some will use their refugee as a writeoff.

The Supreme Court has said they won’t bother taking up the case because it doesn’t violate the 3rd Amendment. Ruth Bader Ginsburg Tweeted from her hospital room that all states should be this responsible:

“California has taken great and patriotic steps to secure a path to freedom for our future citizens.”

While the story seems unlikely to be true, it might not be. Where truth and freedom are concerned, the lines are often blurred. Some people would point out that the story is ridiculous, unconstitutional, and just about the dumbest thing they’ve ever head. Others would call it hilarious tater fodder, point at someone in a red hat, and laugh hysterically.

It all depends on what you want to believe.


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