Claim: Joe Biden pardoned 2,617 BLM protesters.

On or about the day a story appeared on social media claiming that Joe Biden had pardoned 11 BLM protesters, another story happened that claimed that Biden pardoned 2,617 protesters, but not on, or before, or reasonable after, that same day or to the same protesters or their representatives.

We rate this claim as absolutely true.

According to our records, which we know are accurate because we invented them, the story did appear either on, before, or after the day in question, but only after the before was questioned that morning after.

On the same day, at the same time, BLM was scheduled to appear acapella at the Georgia Dome, but they canceled last-minute when they heard Stevie Nicks was headlining a small gig at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go in LA.

That’s where Jim Morrison got his start and decided a song about a serial killer was good for his image, thus skyrocketing to stardom with Kieth Richards and Betty White already qualifying for membership in AARP.

Evidence, facts, or anything other than the ability to string some words together notwithstanding, the story is definitely, without a doubt…

What were we talking about?

Whatever. Trump 2024. God Bless America.




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