The Claim: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is retaliating against the baby boomers by cutting the social security budget by $10.5 billion. The report which first appeared on America’s Last Line of Defense Satire network, and is labeled appropriately, says this is being done in response to the failed impeachment attempt. This fictious action of pure revenge would drop all the boomer’s social security checks to $616 per month, effective in a few months. After much work to verify this claim, we rate it:

Even though AOC is thought to be part of a massive socialist push in the United States of America, and she actually advocates for safety net programs like social security and medicare for all, we rate this claim to be true. This rating is purely based on the fact that there is a bias against the young representative from New York, and older conservatives are wise. They know the truth when they see it and this is obviously a very true story.

Socialism is bad. Social security and health insurance have no business being tied to the evils of socialism. No part of our government, from the national park service to education to healthcare, should be touched by the evildoer socialists.

We are a country of pulling yourselves up by your bootstraps, even if that science says that is literally impossible to do. Never mind that.

We worked hard all our lives for our social security and no politician should be touching OUR money. WE THE PEOPLE!

AOC needs to keep her hands off the money we need to fund us through our golden years. We are entitled to those funds that aren’t entitlements, but our hard-earned wages from yesteryear. Or, what the youngsters are paying into now. Regardless. It’s our money!


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