Recently, a publication from this same network published a story that shockingly accused Freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of saying that most seniors shouldn’t vote.

After review of all of the “facts” in the aforementioned article, we found it:

Joe Barron, AOC’s spokesperson explained:

“We love the ground swell of support that we are getting from the youth of the nation. Maybe the Congresswoman should have specified high school seniors when was talking but the fact is that she was talking to…get this…high school seniors. We didn’t expect that a bunch of angry old people would misinterpret what she said. I guess the law and order crowd is pretty selective about who they want to hear from when it comes to telling people to obey the law.”

Obviously she has a lot of support with the younger population who are eager to vote for her, but since most high school seniors shouldn’t vote since they aren’t 18 yet, it is obvious that voting is illegal and no one should start off their adult life with a criminal record, no matter how good their intentions are.

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