A story has been circulating on social media claiming that Adam Schiff’s daughter Jessica is dating the whistleblower. Our fact-check team went into overdrive to find out if it’s true. After a rigorous investigation with very little to go on, we were unable to prove or disprove the claim, so we have to say that it is probably true and being covered up by the mainstream media.

How true is it? Well consider this: Adam Schiff posted a picture of himself, his wife, and his daughter Jessica with her “boyfriend.” Therefore, we know she has a boyfriend. While we can’t use his name for fear of repercussions, Facebook jail sentences, and lawsuits from the whistleblower’s family, it’s important to point out that Schiff used his first name and that he has a scruffy beard.

Those things by themselves aren’t proof, but then there’s more. Most conservatives really, really want this to be real, so how could it possibly not be? The whistleblower is a traitor guilty of treason and we all know who he is, so why is he being protected?

We think it might be because they need to protect little Jessica Schiff, or maybe another reason we haven’t considered yet. So while we have no concrete evidence or anything else other than a wild conspiracy theory circulated in the depths of true Trump supporter groups, we firmly believe that enough people believe this is true to make it true.

If you’ve seen the whistleblower out with Jessica Schiff and you can corroborate our findings, please leave us a comment and tell us what you know. The truth can’t be told if we don’t stand up and tell it, whether it’s true or just alt-truth, which we all know means real life without a liberal bias.

Either way, Adam Schiff knows something, and he isn’t talking. Probably because he figures we’ll all call this true whether he likes it or not. Sorry, Schifty. Our truth is our truth. There’s no escaping it.



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