The claim: A story on social media states that 163 paid protesters are suing George Soros for not paying their bail when they were arrested. After reading the story and looking at it with an open mind, we rate the claim true:

Not only do we rate the claim true, we are also fairly certain that if you check the court records, you’ll probably find actual evidence that it’s true. The court, not listed in the story, could be in a number of different cities, though none have come forward to substantiate the claims. The protesters in question haven’t been named or identified in any way, but we know they exist because they wrote about it with their fake accounts on social media. One protester said:

“We’re suing Soros. We want our money!”

If that’s not proof enough, you’re living under a rock. If it is proof enough, you may have just smoked one.

Regardless of whether or not the story is actually true, we believe it’s true, which is really all that matters. If we can’t make wild claims about fake protesters and billionaire leftists trying to globalize America, who are we as a country?

That’s not my America. In my America, we love Donald Trump no matter what and we hate George Soros. And anyone who thinks otherwise is obviously an enemy of the people.


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