Erica Kiosk, the stylist who cut Nancy Pelosi’s hair was reported to have been murdered in the back of a pizza joint in San Francisco after leaking photos of the hair cut. We wanted to find out if this actually happened, and we found it to be true.

Not just true, but very true.

Simply looking at her Twitter feed or actual news won’t do. It’s much better to get your information right here and run with it, confirmation bias is everything to the Trump faithful.  But let’s pretend that Fox News and Breitbart and OANN reported this.

They totally did, and Nancy Pelosi pulled a Hillary Clinton and Vince Foster’d that poor hairstylist.

When found, she was covered with pizza sauce, cheese, and assorted toppings, except for pineapple, because pineapple on pizza is just nasty. Had her body been covered in pineapple, it would have been the only thing sweet about her, considering she’s another Trump cultist who wanted five seconds of fame. And of course, she failed. Herp derp.

Joe Barron, who’s cooler than the other side of the pillow, was interviewed and said that you people are stupid and there is almost nothing you won’t believe if it fits your ignorant bullshit.

If only there were an internet, like what you’re on now, to check if this actually happened. But you won’t and that’s all that matters, you potatoes.  Don’t stop believing!

So yeah, Erica Kiosk was found behind a pizza place, covered in pepperoni and pizza sauce after she cut Nancy Pelosi’s hair.  Ridiculous? Yes, of course, it is.

Convenient as well. It just so happens that someone you hate (Nancy Pelosi) killed someone you think you like ( some random hairstylist trump cultist) and it all ties into Hillary Clinton somehow.  Congrats on yet making yourselves look gullible and stupid.


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