The Claim: America’s Last Line of Defense, as well as various other internet groups and pages where it somehow showed up, published an article claiming that popular megastar and talk show host Whoopi Goldberg has been banned from using Twitter by owner Elon Musk.

We here at Freedom Fictions, in between checking on Hunter’s now mythical laptop and sending spy drones in to test the water at Camp Lejeune have determined that this claim is absolutely:

Many times, things in the internet and social media are NOT true, especially on a page clearly labelled “satire”, even if you’re a conservative monkeytard who doesn’t know what the word means.  Hint : it doesn’t mean “funny.”

In this case, however, the tale is technically true, since the Whoopster was among the first to abandon her account of her own free will when Musk took over.  He had nothing at all to do with it, though.   Sorry, you fat old Trumpy milkbabies.

The good news is that, statistically, with Trump running again for the election scheduled in 2024, about 10% of his rabid and racist ass fan base will die off from natural causes.  Thanks Obama!

I hope you feel better that we’ve cleared that up for you.  Please stop by the page and tell us Hi.  Especially Joe Barron.


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