The Claim: Uncle Si Robertson was killed while filming the new show “Robertson Family Values.”

Claimed by: Fox News, OANN, Newsmax, after initial report from ALLOD.

We rate this claim: True.

It’s true. Sadly, Uncle Si Robertson was killed by a falling steel beam attached to a crane for some reason on the set of the family’s new show. Evidence from the scene has been collected via wet vac and mop and sent to the coroner for official identification, but all roads point to Uncle Si being gone.

We contacted the Robertson family, who told us they’d get back to us after they were done divvying up Si’s fly fishing collection and his 45s of country greats like Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash. He also had a table full of chewed gum underneath that the family has decided to recycle and donate to homeless shelters.

It’s a tragic end for Uncle Si, but a great episode for the show, as the crushing of the poor old guy was apparently an accident during horseplay among grown men, making the whole thing kinda funny. It’s also possibly criminal negligence, but surely someone on the crew has taken the blame for being behind the controls so the show could go on.


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