The Claim: Twitter stock crashed after they booted MTG

Claimed By: MTG

We Rate This Claim: TRUE!

There’s no need to go into detail on this one, patriots. It’s fairly simple. Marjorie Taylor Greene said that Twitter’s stock crashed because they booted her from the platform, and we agree. The facts are the facts. In no way is the crashing tech sector to blame for what’s happening, and we know that because as fans of MTG, we simply can’t read.

We also have zero critical thinking skills, which makes it easier to just accept what a nutbar like this imbecile says. She’s clearly delusional, drunk most of the time, and unfit for office.

And that’s why we Trump supporters love her, patriots. Blind obedience, blanket ignorance, and a willingness to just say shit that isn’t even remotely true is the foundation of the new Republican Party, and she’s its poster child.

God bless America.


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