Numerous sources around the internet have claimed that Trump is the most popular president of all time. We here at Freedom Fictions decided to get to the bottom of the matter.

After carefully considering the sources of the claims and understanding the socioeconomic flow of politics in contemporary times, we rate this claim to be absolutely and very true:

That’s right, patriots, according to the sources, which seem to be a plethora of tater rubes on social media, Trump is the bee’s knees. He’s the greatestest ever.

Some of the responses to “why would you say such a ridiculous thing?” included but weren’t limited to:

  • He kept his promises.
  • He drained the swamp.
  • He exposed the Dems and their corruption
  • He told the truth.
  • He wasn’t a politician.

Those may seem to be valid points, and if they were true, they might be.

Unfortunately, Trump drained no swamps, built no walls, exposed no Democrats, told nothing but lies, and doesn’t really qualify as a politician, businessman, or anything other than “asshole.”

Sure. Trump is the most popular president of all time. To morons. They got their four years of culty goodness.

That’s over now, and nobody really cares about Trump’s popularity. History will remember him as a would-be tyrant who was a little too ill-equipped to follow through with his own coup.



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