The Claim: Congress has no right to call a president’s children

Claimed by: President Trump

We rate this claim: TRUE!

President Trump made the statement that the January 6th committee has no right to call his children as witnesses against him. “They’re so desperate they’ll go after children,” said the former Commander in Chief.

We put that to the test with legal experts across the country, and they all agreed that it’s true. In the investigation into January 6th, calling a suspected seditionist’s children would be unethical and most likely illegal.

Fortunately, for Congress, Trump’s “children” are all grown adults who served as advisors to the president, with at least one of them actually on the payroll. That one being…Ivanka.

So, in short…does Congress have the right to call Trump’s children to testify before them about their father’s misdeeds? Probably not. Can Congress call a grown woman who was in the White House on January 6th and who has knowledge above and beyond all besides Trump himself? They sure do. Her last name is irrelevant.

So, the claim is true, but the context is stupid, as usual.

God bless America.


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