Was former President Donald Trump knighted privately by Queen Elizabeth II? The short answer is, yes. That is a fact. And there is paperwork to prove it.

According to official records from St. Bastillia’s Parliamentary Library of the People, an order of knighthood for Sir Donald Trump of New York went into effect within minutes after his private tea with the Queen. The monarch asked that the ceremony be kept a secret because, as the order states, “While all US presidents are quietly knighted, I must strongly object to this reprehensible human being making the list. As such, and as a matter of state, I do hereby bequeath, By God, King James, and Saint Augustine, that Sir Donald Trump is a Knight of the Royal Order of Great Brittain as well as its 65-nation empire.”

There is no disputing it. She hated Trump, but he’s just as much a knight as Obama, who she left two of her corgis to because she admired him so much. “I’ll treat Liz’s pups as if they were my own,” said the former president, “She was a dear friend.”

Nonetheless, nobody can take Trump’s knighthood, as shameful as it may be, and he gets to take that to the grave.

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  1. maggoting.

    Actually the Queen loved President Donald J. Trump.

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