NBC ran a “tribute” to Rush Limbaugh on their Facebook page that really got patriotic Americans angry. Some people thought it was fake, but we researched it and found that it was very true.

It was only up for about two hours before the top brass at NBC caught it, but not before the damage was done.

The disgusting caption had read that Rush Limbaugh died doing what he loved: OxyContin. The disparaging slight at Limbaugh was hurtful to his millions of fans and family, but also unfounded.

NBC claimed it was a disgruntled employee who made the caption, but the reality of it is that it was one of their hosts on their MSNBC station. There is no word on whether there will be repercussions for this disgusting display.

The host was none other than Rachel Maddow, who not only did not even mention the passing of the conservative American icon on her show but snickered at the news of his death, shrugging her shoulders and saying, “oh well.”

NBC said Maddow only meant it for her own personal Facebook page, which is still evil and disturbing, but somehow made it through the social media standards and practice department. This is unacceptable.

NBC’s Social Media boss, Joseph Barron was shocked to see it, saying he would have never approved such a thing to be run. Barron said the only way he would have run it is if he also had the fat, bloviating gas bag’s mugshot to go along with the caption, to make it fair of course.

“It’s not like we lost anyone of importance, he was kind of a big waste of air.”

As millions wept for Limbaugh, millions more celebrated the end of a man so hated, that people literally smiled and slept better that night, knowing that Rush Limbaugh, the racist, sexist, lying piece of human garbage would never pollute the airwaves with his disgusting brand of stupidity ever again.

Hell has a special place for people like Limbaugh, so let’s hope that medal of freedom that Trump gave him can withstand some serious heat. Rest in hell, fatass.


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