The Claim: Mike Pence can save us all on January 6th in his role as President of the Senate.

After researching the matter and consulting dozens of constitutional scholars, We’ve determined that this statement is accurate and rate the claim “very true.”

Mike pence can, in fact, save the country and do the right thing on January 6th.

Mike Pence Was Enjoying a Ski Vacation While Millions Lost Unemployment Benefits – Mother Jones

His job. He can do his job.

He can read the electoral votes into the record ceremoniously and Congress can approve it, and the last shred of anything other than the threat of a coup by the Butternut Bigot from the Oval Office until 20 January will be gone.

Mike Pence can save us all by finally putting to rest this ridiculous movement to install a loser America has clearly fired because morons want to keep waving their flags and wearing stupid hats.

As far as the whole Louie Gohmert, Trumpturd idea that Pence can somehow magically overturn an election because he doesn’t like the winner, it’s ludicrous. Mike Pence’s only recourse is to not show up, in which case the next in line to do the job will gavel the Senate in and read the votes into the record. Unless that person refuses. All the way to Chuck Schumer, and congratulations, President Biden.

It’s almost comical to watch, Patriots. Surely, if you love your country, you’ve moved on from this con artist and gone back to hoping Trey Gowdy will run in 2024. Trump has fallen, and he can’t get up.


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