Since President Trump was inaugurated, dozens of websites and political experts have claimed that First Lady Melania Trump, an immigrant from Slovenia, never attained legal American citizenship status.   Freedom Fictions has done research into this claim and found it to be :

We traced Mrs. Trump’s journey via shipping crate from the Strigoi Beet Farm in Hishkabibble, Slovenia to New York City via the shipping vessel Sheboygan.  The First Lady, or at that time, product number 512576, was received at Trump Tower in good-to-near-mint condition.

Melania, nee Melania Schwartenficker, married her recipient, Donald Trump, who registered her under United States immigration code C2122, a residency title usually reserved for cattle and livestock.  No citizenship status nor green card has been afforded her under I.C.E.’s searchable records.

In her home country of Slovenia, the populace often have to deal with the ruling Godzilla family who eat up to 78% of farmed goods daily.

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