Lecy Goransen has one of the most recognizable faces on television. She’s the iconic character “Becky” on “Roseanne” and until recently, “The Conners.”

Now, she claims that Roseanne Barr, whose career is once again peaking, had her blackballed after canceling the show. “She ruined me,” she told our fact-checker.

Therefore, we rate this claim absolutely true.

She said it, right to the horse’s ears, patriots. Between her own verbal confirmation, regardless of how satirical, and the credibility of the story’s original author, we have no choice but to stand behind it.

We reached out to Roseanne, who says she’s too busy building new sitcoms and shows to challenge “The View” in the ratings to worry about ruining someone’s career, but did confirm that she made some calls to ensure nobody would ever hire her again.

“Look at her,” said Roseanne, “she’s Becky. At least the second Becky found another show to look cute on. What the hell did Becky One ever do?”

Goransen says she actually does have a career that consists mostly of supermarket openings and a possible slot on “Dancing With The Stars.” She told us, “I’ll be just fine, but it would be nice to at least be considered for commercials again.”

Maybe next time you’ll stand by Roseanne instead of your “beliefs,” Becky. God Bless America.

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  1. Skipper Lakerocks

    I didn’t believe a word of this. Then I saw that it had been “fact checked.” My mistake.

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