Laurie Metcalf says she can’t get a job, and that Roseanne Barr is to blame. But is she?

According to sources confirmed credible by our fact-checking team, Metcalf is definitely not someone people are currently hiring. The reason, says one source familiar with “The Conners,” is because Roseanne Barr made the call around Hollywood to put her on the “canceled” list.

Therefore, we rate the claim perfectly true.

In the Roseanne multiverse, this particular storyline follows the jury in Los Angeles that handed Barr the keys to “The Conners” and $208 million. She decided to accept John Goodman’s apology and kept him for whatever her next project is but fired the rest.

DJ may or may not fit into this timeline as the sorry kid who was fired and taken in by Roseanne, as that one implies that “The Conners” still exists. Our apologies for the writing; we leaned way too heavily on “Flashpoint.”

In regards to that particular thing, if true, then this is also true. Unfortunately, if you’re currently following one of the other timelines, Roseanne may be either working with Tim Allen on a new project or seeking out male panelists for her new show opposite “The View.”

To avoid confusion, just consider it all true in the context in which it belongs, and everything will come up roses. God Bless America.


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