When American Patriot Herman Cain passed away, it was widely reported that he died of COVID-19. There were other reports, however, that stated that Herman Cain died of stage IV colon cancer. That report, we rate as true.

We rate it true not because it’s factually correct, but more because we really want it to be true. Look at the circumstances and you’ll understand:

Herman Cain had cancer that went into remission over a decade ago. He then got COVID-19, probably from the Tulsa Trump Rally. So we can either admit that rallies are stupid and masks are smart, or we can blame his death on something that’s easier to deal with for our Facebook posts.

“Nuh-uh he died of colon cancer” isn’t hard to type, and as long as we don’t listen to the facts or read the reports from his own social media accounts, we can just drop that bomb and walk away.

Now, with the addition of this very credible fact-check, we even have a link to back up our claim.

That’s how information works, liberals. Pay attention. The actual facts don’t matter if you ignore them. Herman Cain had cancer. It came back and killed him. Case closed. All the other stuff from doctors and his family is fake news.

So, rather than fear-mongering and pretending that just because he died of something else means he died of something else isn’t helping make America great again. All you’re doing is helping the communists push their Marxism and socialist fascism on those of us who love the constitution but have never actually read it.

And that’s not fair.

Just sit down, liberals. We’ve got this one. We don’t need you interfering with our beliefs and interjecting your stupid “logic” into every argument. The time has come for our truth to prevail.

God bless America.




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